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Quick-scan: Indigenous Peoples and Inclusivity at the National Archive (Nationaal Archief) 2019-2020

The Quick-scan of the archives present in the National Archive (Nationaal Archief) in The Hague, the Zeeuws Archief in Middelburg, and at the Surinamese National Archive in Paramaribo, Suriname, is conducted in collaboration with the indigenous diaspora communities in the Netherlands. The objectives are as follows:

(a) to identify archival sources that contributes to an understanding of the colonial historicity of the Surinamese Indigenous Communities, and 

(b) to contribute to the timely needed new paradigm shift in providing inclusiveness and accessibility. 


This would improve accessibility not only for the Indigenous Communities in the Netherlands but also for the descendants of former Dutch colonies located around the world. These aims will be based on shared goals for all involved stakeholders.

Countries: the Netherlands | Suriname

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