Reclamation of Amazonian Cultural Heritage

We conduct ethnographic museum collections studies in collaboration with the indigenous diaspora communities in the Netherlands. Based on this investigation we are advocating for a paradigm shift in the studies of indigenous material cultural, paramount is the request from the indigenous peoples to:

1) to decolonize western research practices in museums,

2) offer their own contextualization of their material cultural,

3) reclaim auto-representation, and

4) finally re-write their own historicity.

While most ethnographic museums have made strive to decolonize museums practices, currently some museums called this decolonize practices as post-colonial practices. However from the perspectives of the indigenous peoples this post-colonial practices are perceived as neo-colonial museums practices.

In collaboration with the Indigenous Communities, we advocate for truly post-colonial museum practice. A collaboration with mutual respect among all participants’ stakeholders.

Countries: the Netherlands | Suriname | French Guiana